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We work only with quality raw materials.



Our experienced specialists perform the most accurate assembly possible.

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The main activity of our company is doing process piping and steel structural works, our technical preparedness and human resources make our company suitable for performing top-quality work.

We established our family company in August 1998 under the name of M+P Kft. Since January 2011 we have been continuing our activities with the same profile.

Currently the company employs 20-25 full-time employees depending on the extent of work, there are some certified welders with TÜV-EURO qualification among them.

However, we are able to increase this number in a short time according to the demand of prefabrication and on the spot installations.

We maintain relations with more companies who can provide the required number of employees with high-class quality.

The prefabrication works take place in a self owned 400 m2 assembly hall, where a 1000-1500 m2 vacant, concreted area is also available.

Furthermore there is an unheated lockable hall within 200 metres which works as a storage. Our company residence is located in the peripheral area of Cece. It is easily accessible and lies 35 kilometres away from the Danube, 22 kilometres away from M6 motorway and 40 kilometres from M7 motorway.

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Pál Matyej



Matyej Pál

Managing Director

telefon: +06-25-520-450
e-mail: info@matpal.hu

ifj. Matyej Pál


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phone: +36-70-422-9136
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Takács László


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phone: +36-30-630-3078
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Kiss Norbert


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phone: 06-25-520-450
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Rehák Renáta

office manager

pénzügy, általános ügyintézés
mobil: +36-70-362-6109
e-mail: rehak.renata@matpal.hu

Vinkelmanné Pintér Mária

personal assistant

finance, administration
phone: +36-70-317-1276
telefon: +06-25-520-450
e-mail: pinter.maria@matpal.hu

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