Our aim is to represent an appropriate quality and satisfy with our activities, products and services the demands defined and expected by our clients. We complete our services taking the prevailing laws into maximal consideration.



In favour of this:


  • We fulfil the qualitative expectations of our clients; we make our products out of high quality materials.
  • Quality management is a highly emphasized part of our policy, hence every worker is responsible for the quality of his own work.
  • We keep deadlines.
  • During the process piping and installation processes we use only materials that are appropriate for first class quality technological and consigner expectations.
  • Installations are performed by workers with several years of experiences, who are committed to our company.
  • We employ sub-agents, who can provide the same professional and qualitative requirements that our company has established.
  • We regard working security as very important.
  • We maintain good mutual relations with our suppliers.


Further aims:


  • Satisfying the demands of our clients on a higher level
  • Maintaining and increasing our present circle of consignors
  • Innovation
  • Regular training for our workers
  • Introduction of MSZ EN ISO 9001:2001 quality management system


Our certificates: